Wednesday, 5 December 2007

We're not "Riders for Health"...

That's another group who appear to be doing something similar to us. There have been a few articles in The Times over the past few days and they even mention Gambia and specifically Bansang Hospital.

You can read about their projects here:

"Dream machines"

"Transporting medicines across Africa"

"Get the motor running for a charity that bikes for life"

"Money and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

they certainly have caught the imagination of the Moto GP Stars. What's the chances we'll bump into one of them when we're down there...? It's great that The Times have chosen "Riders for Health" as their 2007 Christmas Appeal.

Our trip is very much a lower profile initiative and we are giving our time and expertise as well as money for this trip. We have been brought together through the forums of the totally excellent website.

Just one of the reasons for out trip is to perform any fettling of the bikes taken out the first time this trip was run (2 years ago) to ensure they are running OK. And to have fun getting there of course! You can buy a book about the first trip written by Dennis Robinson here:

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