Sunday, 16 December 2007

Injections and things

Last week I had the last of my injections for this trip. The list I've had are:

1. Hep B injections (day 0, 7,21)
2. Hep A
3. Rabies (day 0, 7, 28)
4. Yellow Fever (>10 days before travelling)
5. Mengococcal (1 injection)
6. BCG (for Rabies) (1 injection) + a mantoux test to see if the BCG is required (it was for me)
7. Typhoid (1 injection)
8. Dyptheria, Tetanus, Polio (1 combined injection)

i.e. 13 injections plus daily malaria tablets (Malarone).

This whole process has taken over 6 weeks, but now it's done.
The Malerone has to be taken 2 days before entering the area, for the period you are there plus 7 days afterwards. So for 10 days in Senegal/Gambia thats 2+10+7 or 19 days worth of Malerone.

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