Monday, 17 December 2007

The Very Approximate Plan...

27/28th December. David Hale will be taking the scoots down to southern Spain in his Sprinter van. This is in advance of the team setting off in the two 4x4s on the 28th down through France to Algeciras, Spain.

30th December. Cross into Morocco

31st December. New Year in Chefchouan.

1st-5th Jan. Transit Morocco via Rabat & Marrakesh

6th-10th. Jan. Transit Mauritania. Some via desert route

11th-16th Jan Transit Senegal. Stop at Zebra Bar for R&R.

17th ish. Arrive in Gambia

18th-24th Jan Deliver scoots & 4x4s. Maintenance of previous scoots, etc.

25th Jan. Fly home.

The Team

Dennis, Oblertone, Speggo, Elaine, Jo, John, Cogs, Rev Chuck

Also Jaq & MrIfan will be flying out to join us in Gambia.

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