Monday, 3 December 2007

2nd team meet

Last weekend there was a prep meeting at Steve & Elaine's place in Essex. The following were there:

Old Grumpy, Oblertone, Cogs, OneTrack (obviously) & Elaine

Others who didn't make it this time were MrIfan, Jo & Rev Chuck.

However all bar one of the bikes were assembled there by top man David Hale.
David has been travelling all over the country in his van to assemble these machines.

He's also taking them down to the bottom of Spain on Xmas day (well maybe +/- 1 day) and then driving back of course.

Cost to us? £0.00. Really. WHAT a bloke....
Dave should do everything he can to actually ride next time.

Oblertone is chuffed to bits with his leopard skin seat.

Wonder if his employers know he's actually colour blind.

Good job he's not that important really...

Speggo, Dave and Old Grumpy checking which bikes have working suspension.

Bert was there too. He's made a valuable contribution also to C90s before his third mission out to Mali.

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