Saturday, 5 January 2008


Sms M@S19412 @Hotel BelAir (no sink plug) last night. Paul said some1 was sawing wood all night in his room - I did forwarn. VG Cafe Chicken. Marrakech 2day


Gary said...

Hi, we're planning on riding our bikes in Mauri from 12 Jan. they are on the way now, via morocco. since they cancelled the Dakar, we're concerned that we might be turned back and if you have any info on the security situation or borders that would be really helpful.

OneTrack said...

Hi Gqry I will let you know if I can; but I would not recommend that border at the moment. This is the first Internet access I have had in 8 days and it will be difficult for me to let you know. Where are your bikes being stored?

Gary said...

thanks, any info would be appreciated. Our bikes are being trailered down. Probably in spain today and trying to cross into Ceuta. then down the coast to Mauri and Nouakchott, where we will pick them up. I heard that Dakar competitors had their Mauri visas cancelled. biggest concern is that we fly into NKT and the bikes are stuck at the border.