Friday, 12 October 2007

What's it all about then...?

This blog is about the Scoots 4 Africa trip to the Gambia 2008. This is the second trip (first for me) and you can see the details about the first at

Adrian very kindly offered to pick up a C90 for yesterday. The bike was "bought blind" although Ade could have vetoed the purchase if it was a complete dog.

Anyways, he ended up travelling down to Southampton by train only for the train to stop part way down due to cancellations, etc. He then had to us other public transport to get to the bikes location and that took quite alot of time and effort. The bike was OK and so he set off back to Warminster doing everything he could to avoid the motorways and fast roads. Realistically the C90 will only cruise at 45mph and this is way too slow for UK traffic.

When he did eventually arrive home it was in total darkness. The trip had taken him from 3pm until 9pm and his initiation to the C90 club was complete! Normally that same trip by car would take 2.5 hours max.

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