Sunday, 18 November 2007

First Ride

Mileage 18793
Picked the bike up yesterday from Hammonds . Dave H. has been looking over the bike in his own time which is really appreciated. He found less than 1/2 cup of oil in the engine - that explains why is was SO noisy (camchain needs oil for damping).

Anyway - the bike is OK for now and Dave has asked to have the bike back after I've put a few miles on it. He checked the tappets, replaced the final drive chain, fixed the wheels (which were about to fall off), tightened the spokes and generally gave it a once over.

I rode the bike yesterday to the Traidcraft fund raising event at St Leonard's Church. The bike seems fine.... much less work than cycling! It was a great event and there were lots of cakes and bits n pieces for sale. We could of had more people there, but those that did attend contributed significantly to the pot. Neil showed a few of his slides of his ventures in Africa and Gordon regaled us with his experiences of riding down to the Lebannon just after the second world war.

Today I fitted an inline filter and cleaned out the fuel tap filter. The bike appears OK and a test ride showed that it is comfortable around 45 mph. Mark told me today that the bike would go alot quicker without the screen (he found this out after the screen broke on his C90 in Bahrain). However that may be true, but I'd rather stick with the screen for now...

Next jobs - sort out panniers and fix the torn seat

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